Before The Predator Hunted Marvel, He Stalked Gotham City

In each of the three Batman versus Predator series, the Caped Crusader was pitted against one or more Predators in a battle to the death.After the debut of the original Predator film in 1987, the titular species of intergalactic hunters, known in-universe as the “Yuatja”, went on to become the stars of one of the most successful science-fiction franchises of all time.Cleveland Cavaliers Svg, Cleveland Cavaliers Logo NBA Svg, Cleveland Cavaliers Logo Svg, Cavaliers Svg

While the Predators have made appearances in film, video games, and novels, they’ve arguably found the most success within comics. Just recently, Marvel enthusiastically announced the upcoming release of a new Predator comic series by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker, with a variant cover by David Finch portraying the Predator standing triumphantly atop Avengers Tower, clutching Iron Man’s decapitated head in one of its claws.Denver Nuggets Svg, Denver Nuggets Logo NBA Svg, Nuggets Svg, Denver Nuggets Logo Svg, NBA Sports Svg

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