Captain America Just Brought Back Black Panther’s Worst Enemy

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Captain America just brought back one of Black Panther’s worst enemies, and they could become Sam Wilson’s next biggest problem.The mantle of Captain America has been carried by some of the most endearing heroes that the Marvel Universe has ever known. Steve Rogers may have set the standard, but Sam Wilson has helped that legacy soar to even greater heights in the modern era. Unfortunately, his second tour as Cap may end in tragedy when it’s barely begun.Pittsburgh Penguins Svg, Pittsburgh Penguins Logo NHL Svg, Penguins Svg, NHL Svg, NHL Sport Svg

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The source of that too soon ending is one of the most reclusive villains of all time, the White Wolf. If the Wolf’s history is any indication, his return might just destroy America and Wakanda in one swipe.Philadelphia Flyers Svg, Philadelphia Flyers Logo NHL Svg, Flyers Svg, NHL Svg, NHL Sport Svg

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