Channel Charizard With Kanto Starter’s CHAR FACE HOODIE

Be like your favorite Fire-type.After its GENG HOODIE release, Kanto Starter is now back with its latest Pokémon-inspired offering that lets you become your favorite Fire-type.Charmander Nike Embroidery Design, Pokédex Embroidery Design, Pokemon Go Embroidery Design, Hitokage Embroidery Design, Game Embroidery Design

Drawing from the full-zip hoodie design made popular by BAPE, Kanto Starter is now readying the CHAR FACE HOODIE. Modeled after Charizard, the hoodie 480 gsm French terry full-zip hooded sweatshirt features a tonal orange base marked with chenille embroidery of the Generation 1 Fire/Flying Pokémon’s facial features on the face of the hood. When fully zipped up the piece also reveals plush horns to complete the look. Finishing up the design of the hoodie is Kanto Starter branding printed on the front and a KS logo on the left sleeve.Charlotte Katakuri Embroidery Design, Big Mom One Piece Embroidery Design, Anime Embroidery Design, One Piece Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

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