Cleveland Browns: EDGE, defensive tackle, or receiver at 44?

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The three biggest areas of need going into the NFL draft for your Cleveland Browns are EDGE rusher, defensive tackle, and wide receiver. The Browns have already added talent and players to all three positions but all still need more added to them.Cleveland Browns Svg, Cleveland Browns Logo NFL Svg, Browns Svg, NFL Svg, NFL Sport Svg

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But which of the three needs should be the Browns’ number one priority in this year’s draft.

Let’s look at all three positions, the pros and cons for targeting the position, as well as a few players for all three that are schematic fits for the Browns.Carolina Panthers Svg, Carolina Panthers Logo NFL Svg, Panthers Svg, NFL Sport Svg

Carolina Panthers Svg Carolina Panthers Logo NFL Svg Panthers Svg NFL Sport Svg

Why Cleveland Browns should target defensive tackle at 44
The biggest reason to target defensive tackle early in the draft is simply that right now they have zero legitimate starters at the position. There are some rotational players that can provide decent snaps in Taven Bryan and Sheldon Day as well as the young Tommy Togiai. But you do not want to count on any of those three to be a starter in 2022.

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