Cyclops Tried to Rescue His Ex-Girlfriend – Only To Be Rescued by Her Instead

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Cyclops ventured into an alternate dimension to rescue his ex-girlfriend Lee Forrester, but wound up needing to be rescued by her instead.While everyone knows the X-Men’s Cyclops’ most famous romances are with the mutant telepaths Emma Frost or Jean Grey or clones of Jean Grey, they’re not the only people Slim dated. In fact, some of Cyclops’ exes had no connection to the X-Men or mind-reading powers at all.Atlanta Hawks Svg, Atlanta Hawks Logo NBA Svg, Atlanta Hawks Logo Svg, NBA Sports Svg, Logo Basketball Svg

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Consider, for instance, Lee Forrester. While not gifted with mutant powers or any kind of superpowers at all, she proved tough and capable and more than able to win Scott Summers’ heart.Washington Nationals Svg, Washington Nationals Logo MLB Svg, Nationals Svg, MLB Logo Svg, Sport Svg

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