DC’s Version of The Boys Proves Nightwing is More Dangerous Than Batman

Nightwing’s anti-metahuman task force has some eerie similarities to The Boys, and it shows that Dick Grayson is scarier than Batman.Few heroes should oppose The Boys’ superhero cynicism like Batman’s former protege, Nightwing. Dick has spent most of his life with a deep reverence for those gifted with extraordinary powers. In one of DC’s darkest futures though, that reverence turns to fear, and Nightwing proves the heroes of DC’s universe have more reason to fear him than Batman.Snow White Drinking Glass Svg, Drunkest Of Them All Svg, Snow White Drink Svg, Svg Png Dxf Eps AI Instant Download

It’s no understatement to say that Nightwing is one of the greatest and most respected of DC’s heroes. His boundless optimism and charisma make him a shining light that has helped heroes like Batman through the darkest parts of their careers. Though there are a few examples of realities where Nightwing turns evil, his good intentions usually keep him on the side of the angels, even in realities that have turned incredibly dark. It’s for this reason that the one reality where he does turn against the heroes of DC’s universe is so shocking.

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