Did Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts’ Darkest Wizards Ever Meet?

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Voldemort and Grindelwald are notorious for having similar goals of taking over the world of Harry Potter, but did the two dark wizards ever meet?Years before Voldemort began his reign over the magical folk of Harry Potter, the British magical community was terrorized by the Dark Wizard Grindelwald, who made his first appearance in the Fantastic Beasts trilogy. Voldemort and Grindelwald had similar goals about Muggle subjugation and pure-blood supremacy, and it wouldn’t have been surprising if they teamed up to take over the world together. They were both still alive at the beginning of the original Harry Potter franchise, so this has fans wondering if the pair of evil wizards ever met each other.Oakland Raiders Svg, Oakland Raiders Logo NFL Svg, Raiders Svg, NFL Svg, NFL Sport Svg

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Albus Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in 1945, and the First Wizarding War against Voldemort took place in the 1970s, so they definitely could have met at some point. Grindelwald had been in prison for about 53 years by the time Voldemort was resurrected and returned to power, but his stance on taking over the world seemed to have changed by then.Oakland Athletics Svg, Oakland Athletics Logo NFL Svg, Athletics Svg, NFL Svg, NFL Sport Svg

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