Dragon Ball Super Teases Red Ribbon Army’s Mysterious Super Weapon

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New information from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie provides even more ominous hints about the Red Ribbon Army’s secret weapon.A new magazine preview once again hints that the Red Ribbon Army have another secret up their sleeves in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.Tennessee Titans Svg, Tennessee Titans Logo NFL Svg, Titans Svg, NFL Svg, NFL Sport Svg

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The latest issue of manga magazine V Jump provides another look at of the latest Dragon Ball movie. The preview pages were scanned by Twitter user @DBSHype and translated by @DBSChronicles. In addition to going over Piccolo’s new transformation and his undercover mission at the Red Ribbon Army headquarters, the magazine once again discussed the mysterious machine at the center of the Red Ribbon Army’s new base, which is apparently preparing another threat to the Earth’s heroes besides the two new android warriors, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The magazine shows another shot of the spherical device within Dr. Hedo’s lab, which the article describes by saying “It glows with a red light and shows ominous fetal movements. Is it Dr. Hedo’s new super weapon?”Tampa Bay Buccaneers Svg, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo NFL Svg, Buccaneers Svg, NFL Svg, NFL Sport Svg

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