Dungeons & Dragons: How to Build the Perfect War Domain Cleric

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In the heat of battle, D&D’s War Domain Clerics thrive with blessings of their war god. With the right build, they can become powerful allies.Many Dungeons & Dragons campaigns draw inspiration from real world practices and events like exploration, discovery, crime-solving, and even war. In fantasy RPG settings, there are often a multitude of war gods, hungry for the thrill of battle, the advancement of soldiers, the spilling of blood, and the plunder that can be reaped from the victorious ashes of destruction.Clemson Tigers Svg, Clemson Tigers Logo NCAA Svg, Clemson Tigers Logo Svg, NCAA Svg, Tigers Svg, NCAA Football Svg

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Whether the cause for war is just, or those waging it are simply out to conquer, there are gods prepared to bestow boons upon champions who carry out their work. Clerics in the War Domain are devout servants to such gods, and the divine magic they wield is often as destructive as it is healing. Building a Cleric in the War Domain, however, doesn’t have to be all about conquest and bloodshed. These healers may follow the tides of battle like a balm to the ravaged innocents who often pay the price of power hungry warlords with no interest in preserving mortality if it interferes with their cause.Arkansas Razorbacks Svg, Arkansas Razorbacks Logo NCAA Svg, Razorbacks Logo Svg, NCAA Svg, NCAA Football Svg

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