Elden Ring Is Getting an Unofficial Demake for Game Boy

An Elden Ring fan recreated the massive fantasy game as an 8-bit adventure for the Game Boy — and they’re even making it playable for fans.Although Elden Ring is lauded as one of the most impressive recently released games, one modder is already recreating it in a much more simplified style.Phoenix Suns Svg, Phoenix Suns Logo NBA Svg, Phoenix Suns Logo Svg, Suns Svg, NBA Sports Svg

Reddit user -shin- recently posted a teaser to the Elden Ring subreddit of their in-the-works demake of the game, reimagining it as an early Game Boy game. In the trailer, the 8-bit Tarnished traverses the early parts of the game, using rolling doges and a shooting sword that resembles the playstyle of Game Boy titles like those in the Zelda franchise. -shin- plans to release the game for others to play and says they are aiming for a demo release near the end of May. The minute-long trailer can be seen below.Philadelphia 76ers Svg, Philadelphia 76ers Logo NBA Svg, Philadelphia 76ers Logo Svg, NBA Sports Svg

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