Elden Ring Team Shares Wonderfully Ethereal Blaidd Fan Art

An illustrator recently shared her fan art of Blaidd the Half-Wolf, one of the game’s most popular NPCs, and the Elden Ring team showed her some love.An artist shared her fan art of Blaidd the Half-Wolf on Twitter, and it looks like the Elden Ring team caught wind of it and shared it on their page.Boston Bruins Svg, Boston Bruins Logo NHL Svg, Bruins Svg, Hockey Svg, NHL Svg, NHL Sport Svg

Teresa Ramos (@teradiamart) posted her drawing of a dignified-looking Blaidd on April 20 with the caption, “The cold always bothered him anyway…”. Five days later, the Elden Ring team shared her drawing to their Twitter account with the additional caption, “What harm can be done…to a shadow?” It’s an incredibly detailed piece, seeming to show Blaidd as if he posed for a regal portrait, with his fur-collared armor and glowing blue eyes. The image can be seen below.Anaheim Ducks Svg, Anaheim Ducks Logo NHL Svg, Ducks Svg, Hockey Svg, NHL Svg, NHL Sport Svg

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