Gear Up for Summer With NEEDLES and BEAMS’ Bespoke Shorts CapsuleNow that the Spring

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season has settled in and Summer is quickly approaching, the time of the year when puffy jackets, long trench coats and snow pants are no longer required has arrived. Thankfully NEEDLES and BEAMS have joined forces to spruce up our warm-weather wardrobes by collaborating on a bespoke shorts collection.Yellow Logo One Piece Embroidery Design, One Piece Logo Embroidery Design, Logo Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

Yellow Logo One Piece Embroidery Design One Piece Logo Embroidery Design Logo Embroidery Design Embroidery Design

Whether you’re using them for a casual brunch fit or a trail hike through your local forest, note that you’re going to get a light and airy feel from them as they appear to be constructed from a nylon material. Branding is very minimal on each piece and simply arrives in the form of NEEDLES’ signature papillon logo which is embroidered into the lower left corner of the front side of the shorts. The garment comes in six different colorways including black, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.Yami Sukehiro Embroidery Design, Black Bulls Captain Embroidery Design, Black Clover Embroidery Design, Anime Black Clover Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

Yami Sukehiro Embroidery Design Black Bulls Captain Embroidery Design Black Clover Embroidery Design Anime Black Clover Embroidery Design Embroidery Design

Check out the lookbook images here above and if you’re interested in copping a pair they’re available now in-store via BEAMS.

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