Genshin Impact: The Best Lisa Build

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Mondstadt’s Librarian Lisa is a versatile, underrated Genshin Impact character. Built correctly, she can shock enemies into submission as a sub-DPS.Lisa, the renowned Librarian of Mondstadt, is one of Genshin Impact’s free starter characters. She can be obtained after Outrider Amber and Cavalry Captain Kaeya once players complete the quest “Sparks Amongst the Pages.” Lisa has been gifted with an Electro Vision and is the first catalyst wielding character in the game. She has a large area-of-effect damage range for both her elemental skill and burst, making her ideal for creating elemental reactions as well as being a far-reaching sub-DPS.Milwaukee Bucks Svg, Milwaukee Bucks Logo NBA Svg, Milwaukee Bucks Logo Svg, NBA Svg, NBA Sports Svg

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Both new and veteran players can find it difficult to work out what build can most effectively use Lisa’s talents. There are many ways players can create a strong Lisa build, as she’s an incredibly flexible character. However, having a high attack-focused build allows Lisa to become a fantastic sub-DPS addition to any team.Miami Heat Svg, Miami Heat Logo NBA Svg, Miami Heat Logo Svg, NBA Sports Svg, Logo Basketball Svg

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