Halloween Ends Will Have an Unbelievable Conclusion

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The Halloween saga comes to an end this Fall, bringing the tale of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode to a close in a truly unbelievable fashion.Since the release of John Carpenter’s original back in 1978, Halloween has remained one of the most prominent franchises in horror. And while it has seen its share of faux final entries, the alleged true conclusion to the saga comes later this year, in the form of David Gordon Green’s trilogy-capper Halloween Ends.Georgia Bulldogs Svg, Georgia Bulldogs Logo NCAA Svg, Georgia Bulldogs Logo Svg, Bulldogs Svg, NCAA Svg, NCAA Football Svg

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According to comments from many of the cast and crew, Green and co. have set out to bring things to a close in an unexpected fashion, as Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle and even Green himself have all begun trying to ease audiences into the idea that Halloween Ends is going to have an insane twist ending.Florida Gators Svg, Florida Gators Logo NCAA Svg, Florida Gators Logo Svg, Gators Svg, NCAA Svg, NCAA Football Svg

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