Luke Skywalker Exposed the Jedi’s Hypocrisy Way Before The Sequel Trilogy

Luke Skywalker’s unexpected approach to an unwinnable situation during his Jedi exposed the hypocrisy of Yoda’s original Jedi Order.One Thankful Mama Svg, Disney Fall Svg, Disney Mom Svg, Thanksgiving Svg, Instant Download

Although Luke Skywalker’s training with Yoda only lasted about a month in the Star Wars saga, he still managed to unintentionally call out the Jedi’s hypocrisy well before the sequel trilogy did. Luke Skywalker is an atypical Jedi in both Star Wars Legends and the current continuity, having grown up as a moisture farmer with a relatively normal life rather than the restrictive lifestyle of the prequel-era Jedi. As a result, Luke has a history of pulling off seemingly impossible victories by approaching them with sentiment and faith that only showcase the hypocrisy of the older Jedi Order.One Thankful Girl Svg, Disney Svg, Fall Svg, Thanksgiving Svg, Instant Download

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