Marvel Concept Artist Shows His Skill with Thor Speed Paint – on a Phone

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Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park shows his speed painting skills on social media, quickly creating an impressive image from Thor: Ragnarok.Ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder’s release, Marvel Studios’ long-time concept artist Andy Park shared an old speed painting of Thor that he did for Thor: Ragnarok.Tampa Bay Rays Svg, Tampa Bay Rays Logo MLB Svg, Rays Svg, MLB Logo Svg, Sport Svg, Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Svg

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Park posted the speed painting on social media. He created Thor’s haircut avatar from Ragnarok from scratch to finish. In the caption, he wrote, “I did this painting on a phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) back when Thor: Ragnarok was coming out. This video was shown during the red carpet World Premiere of the movie. Painting on the phone was new to me (& difficult due to the small size) but it was fun to play ..with!”.St Louis Cardinals Svg, St Louis Cardinals Logo MLB Svg, Cardinals Svg, MLB Logo Svg, Cardinals Baseball Svg

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