Marvel’s Darkhawk is Even Cooler Thanks To A Wolverine-Style Upgrade

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Marvel’s newest iteration of Darkhawk is still learning the secrets of the mysterious suit that makes him a hero, including a Wolverine-style upgrade.Marvel Comics’ Darkhawk just unlocked a Wolverine-style upgrade as the nature of his mysterious suit continues to reveal itself to this new iteration of the hero. Darkhawk was first introduced to fans in 1991’s Darkhawk #1, which saw a man named Christopher Powell first take up the mantle. Now, a new Darkhawk has been brought to life through a fresh character, Connor Young, and he’s still learning the scope of his newfound powers and he just received an upgrade that would make Wolverine jealous.Tale As Old As Time Svg, Beauty And The Beast Svg, Disney Quote Svg, Belle Svg, Disney Svg, Svg Png Dxf Eps Instant Download

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In Darkhawk Vol. 2 #3, written by Kyle Higgins with art by Juanan Ramirez and Erick Arciniega, Connor is concerned after he hasn’t heard from a friend of his in some time. Knowing that his friend, Derek, was involved with some unsavory characters, Connor seeks one out for questioning. After unsuccessfully trying to get the perp to talk as Christopher Powel, he leaves and returns as his alter ego Darkhawk and gets what he’s looking for. The information Darkhawk gained leads him to a warehouse where the hero is ambushed, and where an all-new upgrade emerged from his suit.Stitch Quarantined Svg, Stitch Face Svg, Stitch Svg, Quarantine Svg, Disney Quarantine Svg, Disney Svg, Instant Download

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