‘My Hero Academia’s Handling of Bullying is Terrible, Actually

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It’s representation of bullying offers no accountability to the bully and no empathy to the victim.My Hero Academia became a beloved series faster than most people expected. It’s exciting, action packed, and full of the colorful characters, relationships, and tropes that shounen fans have come to love. One common shounen trope My Hero Academia toys with constantly is the enemies-to-friends dynamic. This is due to Midoriya’s kind and empathetic nature; he tries to see the good in everyone, sometimes even when they don’t deserve it.Bakugo Katsuki Embroidery Design, My Hero Academia Embroidery Design, Bakugo Katsuki Anime Embroidery Design, Anime Character Embroidery Design

Bakugo Katsuki Embroidery Design My Hero Academia Embroidery Design Bakugo Katsuki Anime Embroidery Design Anime Character Embroidery Design

One character that, without a doubt, doesn’t deserve this consideration from Midoriya is Bakugou. Much of the story of My Hero Academia surrounds the relationship of these two characters as they grow from a bully/victim dynamic, to rivals and then eventually, to friends. Obviously, for such a thing to happen, it would be essential for Bakugou to be given some kind of redemption arc. He would need to apologize and show Midoriya that he is truly remorseful for his actions. That’s the only way they could ever even begin trying to form a friendship.Bakugo Hero Academy Manga Embroidery Design, Bakugou Katsuki Embroidery Design, Katsuki Embroidery Design, Kacchan Embroidery Design, BNHA Embroidery Design

Bakugo Hero Academy Manga Embroidery Design Bakugou Katsuki Embroidery Design Katsuki Embroidery Design Kacchan Embroidery Design BNHA Embroidery Design

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