New JUJUTSU KAISEN X Crunchyroll Loves Collection Bewitching The Crunchyroll StoreFor you Jujutsu

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Kaisen fans, Crunchyroll brings the exciting announcement that the anime series is, once again, teaming up with the Crunchyroll Loves brand to bring you some brand-new streetwear just in time for Halloween! This second collection includes the following specially-designed items:Yuji Itadori Embroidery Design, Jujutsu Kaisen Embroidery Design, Manga Anime Embroidery Design, Anime Character Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

Yuji Itadori Embroidery Design Jujutsu Kaisen Embroidery Design Manga Anime Embroidery Design Anime Character Embroidery Design Embroidery Design

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Yato Noragami Embroidery Design Yato Noragami Aragoto Embroidery Design Anime Noragami Embroidery Design Anime Manga Embroidery Design Cartoon Embroidery Design

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