One Piece’s East Blue Arc Has One Advantage Over the Grand Line

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Even though One Piece greatly improves once Luffy reaches the Grand Line, one arc in the East Blue exposes a problem with later stories.It’s safe to assume that the general consensus among One Piece fans is that the manga gets better the moment Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates sail into the Grand Line and that their time in the East Blue serves as a precursor for what’s to come. As contentious as it might be, One Piece just works better if readers skip the first 100 chapters. But what compels the Straw Hats to travel across the East Blue to the Baratie is not as farfetched as what transpires on the Grand Line’s Drum Island.Tony Tony Chopper One Piece Embroidery Design, Tony Tony Chopper Embroidery Design, Anime Cartoon Embroidery Design, Japan Anime Embroidery Design

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Although the ridiculousness of Don Krieg and especially Pearl in the Baratie arc ruined what promised to be a fantastic storyline, it stood out initially because what compelled Luffy and his crew to board the eponymous ship ultimately became a major theme there. Luffy’s nascent crew needed a cook, and, luckily, just met two bounty hunters named Johnny and Yosaku who knew Zoro and told the Straw Hats of a floating restaurant where they might find a cook. Upon their arrival, the topic of food was a major driving force of all events on the ship. It soon evolved from absurd infighting among the ship’s cooks to the prospect of violence when the Baratie’s extensive menu became the only hope for the Pirate Armada. The crew was in dire need of sustenance as their exploits left them dying of hunger.Straw Hat Crew Embroidery Design, Skull Luffy Logo Embroidery Design, Pirate Logo Embroidery Design, Anime Logo Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

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