Parents Mixed on Baton Rouge Online School Outsourcing Lessons

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Except for one live lesson a week, EBR Virtual Academy’s new vendor will have students either completing assignments on their own, meeting in small groups or one-on-one with Arizona State University teachers or coaches.(TNS) — More than 700 students at a Baton Rouge online school will return from Christmas break with new teachers, new classes and a different way of learning remotely.One Thankful Teacher Svg, Disney Teacher Svg, Disney Fall Svg, Thanksgiving Svg, Instant Download

One Thankful Teacher Svg Disney Teacher Svg Disney Fall Svg Thanksgiving Svg Instant Download

This mid-year shift to a new vendor to run EBR Virtual Academy is a welcome change for many of these students, who are in grades six to 12. Many of them have spent weeks, even months, without consistent instruction thanks to a shortage of teachers.One Thankful Nurse Svg, Disney Fall Svg, Disney Nurse Svg, Thanksgiving Svg, Instant Download

One Thankful Nurse Svg Disney Fall Svg Disney Nurse Svg Thanksgiving Svg Instant Download

The more than 500 students in prekindergarten to fifth-grade at the virtual schools will see no change. Those students have had relatively normal school year and, unlike the older kids, they have learned from teachers employed by the local school district.

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