Red Scare Creator Liam Francis Walsh Previews His Noir, Sci-Fi Graphic Novel

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Award-winning cartoonist Liam Francis Walsh discusses Red Scare, his graphic novel that follows a girl’s foray into the world of aliens and the FBI.Set in 1953, Liam Francis Walsh’s Red Scare explores a world where trust in others (and the government) is hard to find. Suspicion, however, is easy to find everywhere. Walsh’s debut graphic novel follows Peggy, a young girl who is still adjusting to having polio and uncovers a secret artifact from a mysterious man. The artifact in question gives Peggy the unreal ability to fly. But it doesn’t take long for the FBI to uncover Peggy’s new skillset and soon she, her brother, and her new neighborhood friend go on the run from the authorities — and do their best to survive the pains of grade school bullies. But can they also survive aliens?Golden State Warriors Svg, Golden State Warriors Logo NBA Svg, Warriors Svg, NBA Sports Svg

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During an interview with CBR, Red Scare’s Liam Francis Walsh delved into the real-world inspiration behind his noir, sci-fi tale. He also discussed how America’s current political landscape, in part, inspired the book’s exploration of the government’s misuse of power.Detroit Pistons Svg, Detroit Pistons Logo NBA Svg, Pistons Svg, Detroit Pistons Logo Svg, NBA Sports Svg

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