Requiem of the Rose King: Richard’s New Father-Son Bond Is Unexpectedly Sweet

Richard’s bond with Edward is the father-son relationship nobody knew they wanted.Richard has always kept up a cold and detached appearance, and most recently, has featured a more ruthless side in Requiem of the Rose King. Rarely does he show his more vulnerable side, and the one time he did, his heart was broken. Richard’s usual attire consists of black clothing that’s buttoned up all the way to his throat, which he does in order to bind his chest and hide his more feminine curves, but it also acts as another set of armor for him to hide behind.Fruit Of The Sea Devil One Piece Svg, One Piece Svg, Fruit Of The Sea Devil Svg, One Piece Anime Svg, Anime Svg

Anne had feared that Richard would treat her son poorly because Edward of Middleham was the son of Edward of Lancaster. After all, Richard doesn’t appear to have any feelings of love or affection toward her. However, to Richard’s own surprise, there’s a fatherly side to him that he never knew he possessed.Franky Shipwright, One Piece Svg, Franky One Piece Svg, Franky Svg, One Piece Anime Svg, Anime Svg

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