Spoiler Black Clover chap 330: Adrammelech ‘thó’ tim Lucifero – Yami nguy kịch!Black Clover Reveals A New Contender For The Manga’s Best Couple

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In chapter 330 of Black Clover, Charlotte makes a stunning confession to Yami, reminding fans of Noelle’s own admittance to herself not too long ago.Captain Charlotte Roselei’s latest love confession to Captain Yami Sukehiro just made it nearly impossible for fans to decide who the best couple in Black Clover actually is (meaning previous contenders Noelle Silva and Asta have some serious competition).Black Clover Yami Sukehiro Embroidery Design, Anime Black Clover Embroidery Design, Anime Manga Embroidery Design, Cartoon Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

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Although Noelle’s earlier confession hit much harder than Charlotte’s to Yami in chapter 330, the latter couple share an emotional connection that transcends normal capacities. This connection was just put to the ultimate test in this latest chapter of Black Clover when, in the wake of Asta’s defeat of Lucifero, a deeply wounded Yami is believed to be beyond saving. Terrified of losing him, Charlotte cries out that she loves him as she begs him not to die.Black Clover Embroidery Design, Asta Embroidery Design, Asta Damon Embroidery Design, Asta Anime Embroidery Design, Magic Knights Embroidery Design

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