Superman Art Project Showcases 75 Iconic Villains (How Many Do You Know?)

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Cartoonist Jon Morris honored Superman Day in a Twitter thread that gave the spotlight to 75 of the Man of Steel’s greatest antagonists.For nearly a century, Superman has been fighting against some of the most outrageous and creative villains in DC Comics. To honor the Man of Steel, one artist is highlighting a project of his that showcases 75 of the hero’s best and most underrated villains.We Go Togther Like Pumpkin And Pie Svg, Disney Fall Svg, Thanksgiving Svg, Instant Download

We Go Togther Like Pumpkin And Pie Svg Disney Fall Svg Thanksgiving Svg Instant Download

Superman is one of the most powerful characters ever conceived, and as such, he’s needed to have some villains that really think outside the box in order to challenge him. Despite the overwhelming power Superman exhibits, he’s not a god and has shown vulnerabilities to the various forms of kryptonite, magic, overwhelming force, and red solar rays. The weaknesses he does posses has allowed for a number of villains to emerge over the hero’s long history, but unfortunately only a few ever get the attention they deserve. For every A-lister like Lex Luthor or Doomsday, there are plenty more baddies waiting to get their due.Ursula Quarantined Svg, Ursula Face Mask Svg, Disney Villain Svg, Quarantine Svg, Instant Download

Ursula Quarantined Svg Ursula Face Mask Svg Disney Villain Svg Quarantine Svg Instant Download

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