The Mummy Director Calls Tom Cruise Film His ‘Biggest Failure’

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The Mummy director Alex Kurtzman says the 2017 Tom Cruise-led reboot was “probably the biggest failure” of his life.The Mummy (2017) director Alex Kurtzman says the Tom Cruise-led reboot (and supposed kick-starter of Universal’s Dark Universe) may very well be his “biggest failure.”Washington Wizards Svg, Washington Wizards Logo NBA Svg, Washington Wizards Logo Svg, NBA Sports Svg

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During a recent appearance on the Bingeworthy podcast, Kurtzman thoroughly opened up about his 2017 feature, which starred Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe in the lead roles. “I tend to subscribe to the point of view that you learn nothing from your successes, and you learn everything from your failures,” he said. “And that was probably the biggest failure of my life, both personally and professionally. There’s about a million things I regret about it, but it also gave me so many gifts that are inexpressibly beautiful. I didn’t become a director until I made that movie, and it wasn’t because it was well-directed — it was because it wasn’t.”Utah Jazz Svg, Utah Jazz Logo NBA Svg, Utah Jazz Logo Svg, Utah Jazz NBA Svg, NBA Sports Svg, Basketball Svg

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