Three Thors Face Gorr the God Butcher In New Marvel Comics Look

In a brand new preview for the upcoming Thor #750 from Marvel Comics, three different Thor’s take on the villainous Gorr the God Butcher.Marvel Comics is soon celebrating Thor’s 750th issue and 60th anniversary with an upcoming story featuring the God of Thunder (and two other heroes who have become Thor) taking on Gorr the God Butcher. Thor, Jane Foster, and Beta Ray Bill prepare to battle the god-killing villain in a new look at what’s set to be an action-packed issue from Marvel Comics.Snowflake Kisses Christmas Wishes Svg, Disney Christmas Svg, Mickey Christmas Trip Svg, Disney Svg, Svg Png Dxf Eps AI Instant Download

Gorr the God Butcher is one of Marvel’s deadliest villains, as the alien first appeared in Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic’s Thor: God of Thunder #2 in 2012. Gorr gained All-Black the Necrosword from the King in Black after an epic battle among the gods, which resulted in his entire family being killed. After that, Gorr made it his personal mission to kill all of the gods with his powerful new symbiote weapon, which started his turn as the God Butcher. It took three Thors and the absorption of a Godbomb to kill Gorr, who later was revived and turned into a mortal. Gorr the God Butcher will make his live-action debut in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, where he’ll be played by actor Christian Bale.Snow White Drinking Glass Svg, Drunkest Of Them All Svg, Snow White Drink Svg, Svg Png Dxf Eps AI Instant Download

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