Tiger & Bunny 2: Kotetsu Struggles With The Loss of His Partner

Tiger without Bunny is a grim picture indeed, as the second season’s ninth episode demonstrates.Episode eight of Tiger & Bunny 2 marked a major change in tone for the season. After a selection of fairly low-stakes comedic affairs, episode eight saw the new hero He Is Thomas put through the wringer and having his trust issues validated, before capping off with a cliffhanger in which Barnaby gets grievously wounded off-screen.Los Angeles Chargers Svg, Los Angeles Chargers Logo NFL Svg, Chargers Svg, NFL Svg, NFL Sport Svg

Episode nine begins by providing context to that incident. The heroes are called to stop a villainous NEXT named Vincent Carl, who possesses the ability to make any object he touches an explosive. In order to save a civilian, Barnaby is forced to carry a vase Carl had touched away just as his 100-Power was about to run out, negating his defenses and leaving him fully vulnerable to the detonation.Kansas City Chiefs Svg, Kansas City Chiefs Logo NFL Svg, Chiefs Svg, NFL Svg, NFL Sport Svg

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