Trial starts for Kyle mother charged with capital murder in alleged killing of 2-year-old sonHAYS COUNTY

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(KXAN) — A jury will decide over the next couple of weeks whether Dazrine Chagoya-Williams — the young Kyle mother charged for her alleged role in her two-year-old son’s death — is guilty of capital murder.Harley Davidson Svg, Harley Davidson Logo Svg, Logo Svg, Skull Digital Files

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Stevie Dwayne Williams, Chagoya-Williams’ husband and Mason’s father, was found guilty of capital murder in October for his involvement in the young boy’s death. He repeatedly told police it was “demons” who killed the young boy, according to body camera video shown in court.Boku No Hero Academia Svg, Anime Svg, Anime Gift Svg, Love Anime Svg, Anime Manga Svg, Anime Clipart Svg Png Dxf Eps

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Kyle father who said ‘demons’ killed 2-year-old found guilty of capital murder
Chagoya-Williams will now face a jury for her alleged role. After being postponed, her trial starts Monday, April 25.

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