Venom’s Ultimate Form Is Hiding a Neon Genesis Evangelion Easter Egg

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In a dark future where Venom is the only remaining life form, one of the symbiotes shown hides a cool reference to the Evangelion series.In Venom: The End, readers are shown a glimpse of a far future where the symbiote accesses every biological life form through time, in an attempt to preserve it from the rise of artificial super-intelligence. The first step in this process is a symbiote Civil War, in which a symbiote labeled “Bloodbath” appears, which is clearly inspired by the iconic design of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Evangelion Unit-01.Neon Genesis Evangelion Embroidery Design, Anime Embroidery Design, Anime Lover Embroidery Design, Anime Characters Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

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Venom: The End is one of those Marvel stories where a character is shown in his last days, usually in some version of a dystopian or apocalyptic future. Venom is no exception, as the immortal symbiote has to survive the natural death of his beloved host, Eddie Brock, despite his attempts to preserve him long past his due. Venom developed an affection towards all forms of life, so he struggles to create it and preserve it from the unstoppable advance of the artificial super-intelligences that have gone rough and are assimilating the entire universe. Key to this story is the symbiote’s ability to copy and store the DNA of all his hosts inside his infinite “extradimensional lattice.” Venom’s efforts at life preservation require the cooperation of all symbiotes. But war ensues and, after a battle, he is the only one left standing.NASA Aesthetic Japanese Neon Logo Embroidery Design, Japanese Embroidery Design, Anime Embroidery Design, Cartoon Embroidery Design, Embroidery Design

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