Was Robert Kennedy Responsible for Marilyn Monroe’s Death?

A new Netflix documentary airs previously unheard interviews with Monroe’s inner circle that shed light on the circumstances of her death, and on the Kennedys’ involvement.There is a slew of shocking revelations in Netflix’s explosive new doc The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes. Like, for example, Marilyn Monroe had a sexual obsession with her absent father. Seriously. More than anything in the world, one of her close friends says in the film, Monroe consistently revealed a strong desire to sleep with her dad.Scrub Life She Is Clothed In Scrubs And A Facemask And She Cares For Other Without Fear Svg, Scrub Life Svg, Instant Download

“She said she’d want to put on a black wig, pick up her father at a bar, have him make love to her,” her friend Henry Rosenfeld recalls near the beginning of the film. “And then she’d say, ‘Well, how does it feel now to have a daughter that you’ve made love to?’”You’ve Got A Drinking Friend In Me Svg, Buzz Drink Svg, Toy Story Drinking Svg, Instant Download

It’s bizarre, but it’s not the most gut-wrenching story The Unheard Tapes digs up on the late movie star. The doc features unheard interviews with those who knew her best, piecing them together with research that covers Monroe’s entire life and stardom. It homes in on her death, pruning the biggest conspiracy theories—the Kennedys’ involvement, the Communist party, etc.—in order to find the truth of what happened.

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