Yamcha is Officially Dragon Ball’s Most Delusional Hero

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Yamcha is now claiming that he alone is Earth’s strongest martial artist, putting himself above the likes of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo.Yamcha’s level of delusion has reached an all-time high in the Dragon Ball franchise as he now believes he’s the world’s greatest martial artist in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission. Almost every arc of Dragon Ball after the introduction of Yamcha has only served to further humiliate and deteriorate his character. Yamcha has famously been the butt of many jokes throughout Dragon Ball, and even his death pose became an iconic part of the franchise.Haunted Mansion Svg, Beware Of Hitch Hiking Ghosts Svg, Disney Halloween Svg, Ghosts Svg, Instant Download

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When Yamcha was first introduced in Dragon Ball chapter 7, he posed a significant threat to Goku, Oolong, and Bulma because of his martial arts prowess and weapon mastery. Yamcha was the first opponent to really push Goku to his limits. The powerful and fearsome Wolf Fang Fist was more than capable of knocking Goku through stone pillars with little effort. Unfortunately, things went downhill from Yamcha almost immediately. Even in the arc he was introduced in, he was continuously put in scenarios where his gag of being afraid of women would cause him severe embarrassment.Has Anyone Seen My Glass Slipper Svg, Cinderella Quote Svg, Disney Quote Svg, Disney Hand Lettered Svg, Disney Svg, Instant Download

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