The addams family svg free, Morticia Cutting Rose svg

the addams family free

Welcome to our blog! In today’s post, we are excited to share some Addams Family SVG files that are completely free to download. If you are a fan of this iconic and quirky family, then you are in for a treat. These SVG files can be used for a variety of crafting projects such as […]

Best Christmas SVG For Your Cricut and Silhouette

Are you looking for the Christmas SVG files for your t-shirt designs or to make some Christmas gifts and crafts? Look no further, come with svgdaily shop, you are going to find out thousands of Merry Christmas SVG Files from bundles of Christmas cut files for your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine to Christmas SVG files that you can use for anything from t-shirts to tote bags, canvas art to mugs and more!

Aliens’ Xenomorph Queen Produces a Drug That Gives Humans Superpowers

Screenshot 85 1

Aliens’ Xenomorph Queen is a deadly killer, but she also produces a powerful drug that creates dramatic effects when used by humans.The Xenomorph Queens of the Alien mythos act as the dark hearts of their particular hordes, coordinating their deadly efforts and ensuring there are always more facehugger eggs waiting to wipe out a planet’s […]

Hulk’s Most Underrated Era Shows Why He’ll Never Get a Happy Ending

Screenshot 84 1

A new series following the Hulk’s time in Las Vegas shows why even when the Jade Giant finds happiness, Bruce Banner will never let it last.A look back at the days of Joe Fixit explains why happiness is an unattainable goal for both Bruce Banner and the Hulk. The odd mobster phase for the Jade […]

Spider-Man’s Controversial Mary Jane Cover Finally Makes Sense

Screenshot 83 1

Mary Jane Watson’s most controversial Marvel Comics cover finally makes sense after another comic cover turns the character into a Skrull.In a new cover in promotion of Marvel’s upcoming Secret Invasion miniseries, Mary Jane Watson takes on a new Skrull form. In a roundabout way, the cover actually explains another controversial Spider-Man Marvel Comics cover […]

Spider-Man Hit Kraven With the Perfect Insult 5 Years Before It Made Sense

Screenshot 82 2

A quip from Spider-Man to Kraven became much darker a mere five years later after an unfortunate shooting involving a real-life game hunter.The wisecracking Spider-Man is known for his creative digs at villains, but one quip delivered to Kraven the Hunter may be his most prescient in Marvel Comics. At the end of the brutal […]

Male Version of Titans’ Raven Revealed in DC’s New Teen Justice

Screenshot 81 1

The new male-presenting Raven from the upcoming Multiversity: Teen Justice has just been revealed in a gorgeous cover by the artist Robbi Rodriguez.A gorgeous new cover from the upcoming Multiversity: Teen Justice series from DC Comics reveals the awesome gender-bent Raven, getting fans even more excited for the return of the young Earth-11 team. The […]

Broken Social Scene’s Biggest Album is Being Turned into a Graphic Novel

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Canadian indie rockers Broken Social Scene will be getting their own graphic novel, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of their best album.Broken Social Scene’s legendary album You Forgot It in People is being adapted in a new graphic novel from Z2 Comics. Disney Is My Happy Place Svg, Disney Trip Svg, Disney Quote Svg, […]

DC’s Version of The Boys Proves Nightwing is More Dangerous Than Batman

Nightwing’s anti-metahuman task force has some eerie similarities to The Boys, and it shows that Dick Grayson is scarier than Batman.Few heroes should oppose The Boys’ superhero cynicism like Batman’s former protege, Nightwing. Dick has spent most of his life with a deep reverence for those gifted with extraordinary powers. In one of DC’s darkest […]

Marvel’s Darkhawk is Even Cooler Thanks To A Wolverine-Style Upgrade

Screenshot 78 1

Marvel’s newest iteration of Darkhawk is still learning the secrets of the mysterious suit that makes him a hero, including a Wolverine-style upgrade.Marvel Comics’ Darkhawk just unlocked a Wolverine-style upgrade as the nature of his mysterious suit continues to reveal itself to this new iteration of the hero. Darkhawk was first introduced to fans in […]